Jens Hauser et Aniara Rodado invited me to present my research as part of their project OU\/ERT project: Phytophilia – Chlorophobia – Situated Knowledges. Besides my talk I also gave a workshop at the ENSA in Bourges, taking advantage of the allotments close to the city centre that provided green plants even in autumn (the project took place in November 2019). Here my contribution was embedded in a much broader context, including an exhibition, live performances, talks and workshops:

Communicating with plants, updating their relationship with and knowledge of witchcraft, inventing eco-technical systems where humans become superfluous, dancing with phytoplankton, planting herbicide-resistant gardens or planting virtual trees to offset the CO2 footprint of our digital life, performing the sick body with organ or molecular transplants, or synthesizing hyper-toxic green pigments, far from the images of the idealised pastoral nature… The OU\ /ERT artists open up debates around the pervasive greenness trope, get physically involved and bring plants and other symbiotic creatures into the limelight. Trans-species alliances that challenge anthropocentric claims in the age of ubiquitous greenwashing. Distrustful of green and superficial metaphors, they insist on the importance of situated knowledges related to our chlorophyllous fellow organisms, essential for all other forms of life.

Phytogram workshop, ENSA Bourges (2019)