June 2018
Waterlow Park Centre

This 2-day workshop offered a practical introduction to organic chemistry and plant-based direct-on film animation. Drawing on the environment of Waterlow Park, the workshop took place in LUX’s garden, using its herbs, flowers and other plants as film ingredients.

The workshop incorporated screenings of relevant works from the LUX collection as well as my own films, which were shown and discussed between activities.

Monday 25 June 2018

– Introduction to organic chemistry
– Demonstration of equipment and ingredients
– Tour of the garden
– Gathering test material
– Setting up tests
– Screening of work made with these techniques
– Harvesting results and fixing filmstrips
– Recap

Tuesday 26 June 2018

– Screening test results
– Making plan for second run
– Gathering materials
– Setting up second run ‘exposure’
– Loading and shooting with a Bolex
– Processing with caffenol
– Harvesting second run results and fixing filmstrip