This blog is dedicated to the phytogram method, a technique that uses the internal chemistry of plants for the creation of images on photographic emulsion. You can use black & white photographic paper, still film or motion picture film. Each type of material provides specific possibilities and challenges. On this blog you can find information and examples to get you started. I began experimenting with organic chemistry and film emulsion in 2014 and gradually discovered the possibilities that plants have to offer, deciding only later to name my method ‘phytogram’. I have developed this idea further and have shared my findings during workshops, face-to-face when possible and online when necessary. Sharing my experience has been rewarding, not only because of the enthusiasm of the participants but also by seeing fellow artists taking the initial idea further and producing impressive results. Through this blog I aim to spread the idea and bring together people who both love plants, photography and filmmaking.

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Karel Doing

Karel Doing, Dandelion (Phytogram) 2016