Film Farm

From July 2-8, 2018 I was artist in Residence at the Independent Imaging Retreat, ‘Film Farm’, in Mount Forest, Ontario, Canada. For almost 25 years the Independent Imaging Retreat or ‘Film Farm‘ has been developing a hands-on, artisanal approach to filmmaking that is far removed from the costly, hierarchical and inaccessible industrial model. Each summer it brings to Mount Forest Ontario a small group of interested filmmakers – some novices and some highly experienced – for an intensive week of shooting, hand-processing, tinting/toning, watching and editing film. — most of the action taking place in and around an old barn on the Normanby Township property, in rural Ontario.

One of the important developments of the Film Farm over the past 3 years has been to develop a practice related to bio- chemical processing and image manipulation. Processing film with various local plants and flowers has been our concern at the Film Farm in recent years. I contributed with a presentation about the phytogram method, screened some of my work and led a practice based workshop.

Film Farm workshop
Workshop @ Film Farm 2018