In September 2021 Unpredictable Series organised an event at Iklectik Arts Lab in London including a phytography workshop. During the day participants were introduced to the technique and worked with photographic paper, 16mm film and locally foraged plants. The resulting 16mm filmstrips were assembled and projected during a live performance in the evening. The projection combined analogue and digital images (Pierre Bouvier Patron), layering and juxtaposing the different media. The images were accompanied by an improvised soundtrack performed by Blanca Regina and Reuben Sutherland.

Unpredictable Series is a collective dedicated to art, performance, and improvised music. They create festivals, exhibitions, performances, talks, publications, and workshops engaging audiences in new ways of making and understanding art and music.

Iklectik Arts Lab is a self-funded creative platform founded in 2014 that showcases contemporary art, experimental music and artistic critical practice.

phytography workshop
Photo © Maike Zimmermann